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Whether you're an established business or just getting started.

we help ENTREPRENEURS align with their higher purpose 

We offer a personalized approach, every time

We do this by helping you align with the highest version of your venture and give room for maximum growth, ensuring that no opportunities are missed. Whether that's starting with the fundamentals of your business or building off of what you've already established. We provide a personalized, 360 approach to each client using the latest trends and technology to set you FAR apart from your competition.

your success is our success 

leveraging our global cultural experiences for local brands

We believe in a win-win approach with our clients, it's the ethos of our business.

Simply put, your sucCess is our success.

We take pride in our client's businesses as if they were our own, consulting you with a 360 view each step of the way. This is why we consider ourselves much more than just a marketing agency. We offer everything your business needs for success from branding, digital marketing, content creation, AI integration, events, business consulting, interior design, and more. No matter what stage your business is in, we are here to take it to the next level. 




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Founder + Creative Directior

Sophia Hanvold is a digital marketer with a diverse client portfolio ranging from Real Estate, Fashion, Events, Food and Beverage. Originally from Canada she been creating strategies with cutting-edge technology, systems and design for 12 years. 


María José Arista is a native of San Miguel de Allende, she has 9 years of experience in production and account management in the luxury industry, she has collaborated with prestigious brands such as Moët & Hennessy Group, E! Entertainment Mexico and Fashion Week. Also working on massive events such as Corina Captial and Ceremonia.

Co-Founder + Project Manager

sophia Hanvold

marie jose av

PR & Experience Design

A San Miguel de Allende Native, Fernanda has over 15 experience connecting, collaborating, producing, and designing experiences for brands, music events, videos and shorts, music festivals, interior design, and product development. Through her experience has built an extensive network in the United States and Mexico.

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Social Media & Content Creation

Originally from Mexico City, Sara has been working in Social Media Management for over 4 years honing her skills to excel in providing clients with personalized social media strategies and content creation.


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